Africatour 2015

Africatour 2015

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We're going to Africa to meet people and try to understand the people, the nature and the culture of this gigantic continent. We will try to ensure the uniqueness of each country we visit. Our plan is to visit 10 countries on our way from Cape Town to Dar es Salaam. Do you have ideas on what we should do and see so please let us know.

Surely it will happen a lot of unplanned happenings during our safari, some of the experience Will we write down here.
We like to know what is happening in your world, in big and small things.
We 'll try to make updates once a week.

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Fortsatt rapportering

Rout reportPosted by Ann Sun, September 06, 2015 18:21:44
Hay there, it looks that`s Ann writing but it is only Tommy,
today we have been driving in the Namibia desert and I have to admit that I have some skill to improve. We really get stuck in the sand, but we hav the winsch and there where a tree quite near.
It has been a marvellous day in the dunes and now we are rasting on a campsite for the night. Tomorrow we are facing the cost again.

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